From conservation-led membership groups to alternative plastics, there are more eco solutions out there than ever. Here are a few bouteco favourites. 



Conservation as a travel experience

At a time when our world faces unprecedented challenges — climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation fuelling conflict and extreme poverty — people are looking to make a meaningful difference.

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Why Alexa Poortier, founder of Now, tells us about their new force for good alliance platform

Onno and Alexa Poortier created NOW as a legacy project with a mission to advance sustainability, social responsibility and principled business practice in the hospitality industry.

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Plastic waste management

Five trillion pieces of plastic are floating around our oceans. And this figure is rising — we're throwing away around eight million tons of plastic each year.

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Direct-action disruptors and forward-looking travel brands are eschewing a softly-softly approach and asking travellers to get their hands dirty

Waves For Water provides access to clean water for millions, while sidestepping the challenges faced by traditional philanthropic initiatives. It began with a trip to Indonesia, where the former professional surfer thought to pack a few water filtration systems.

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Provenance as an indicator of luxury

When an interior designer describes how they created the look and feel for their latest project, nobody boasts about flicking through a Chinese furniture catalogue and ordering mass-produced pieces from a huge factory.

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How Ren is one toiletry brand #makingadifference through housekeeping

Ever wonder what happens to that leftover hotel soap or small bottles of shampoo and conditioners? Wouldn’t it be great if it could be put to good use? Thank you to REN who told us how Clean Conscience recovers, repurposes and reuses their clean-skincare toiletries to help those most in need of hygiene.

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Going green is worth the investment

Hotels know they should be doing something to address sustainability but they don’t know where to start or how, which is why Green Hotelier’s remit is to share best practice and useful resources to set hoteliers on the road to sustainability.

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Going green is worth the investment

Tom hunt’s tips to a more sustainable approach to F&B.

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